Technical Service

We are partners of our Customers

• Preventive Maintenance

This is the basic maintenance contract. Devices are periodically checked and adjusted. If there are defects or devices do not work properly, the problems can be solved before they affect the functioning. After the maintenance procedure, our Technical Team will issue a Certificate for the tests they carried out. Benefits: better performances, risks of damage decrease, certfified maintenance activity.

• Extended Maintenance Contract

Besides periodical maintenance, this contract includes all the maintenance procedures that could be necessary in case the devices are damaged or not working properly. The Extended Maintenance Contract covers the costs of not programmed maintenance service (travel expenses, working hours etc.). Spare parts are not included Benefits: no additional costs for extra maintenance services.

• Global Maintenance Service

Besides what is covered by the Extended Maintenance Contract, this contract includes the spare parts. Start-up of new devices or replacing devices are included too. Benefits: the service budget is under control, optimum devices functionality.

• Customized Maintenance Service

A Customized Maintenance Service is defined in order to obtain the maximum liability and safety for each device. A service and warranty plan is defined to satisfy all the maintenance needs of each device. Benefits: BM’s performances are completely complementary to the customers internal resources.