TTS100 CLAMP ON high temperature

Clamp-on sensors for high temperature application

Pair of CLAMP-ON – High temperature type sensor 

Sensor Tecnology: ultrasonic transite time.
Working Frequency 1.5 MHz.
Max Cable length: 20mt (ability to lengthen the cable up to 500 mt). 
Protection IP 68 (2 mt c.a).
Working Temperature -30…+160 °C.
Completi di sistema di fissaggio al tubo.
Clamp-on Sensors – high temperature type, can be fixed by using 3 different tools:

  • steel Belts;
  • stretchers;
  • rail Guide Mounting System.

Avvalable types:

Type TTS100-S1-NG-HT for pipe diameters from DN 15….DN 150 
Type TTS100-M1-NG-HT for pipe diameters from  DN 50….DN 700


To download the datasheet click on the link below:

pdf TTS100 CLAMP-ON ad alta temperatura (Size 922.28 kB)