Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meter TTFM100 NG series: hand held type

  • High accuracy
  • Battery powered with rechargeable batteries for 10 hours of continuous working
  • Compact, light and easy to carry
  • LCD display 4×16 digits
  • Menu in English, Italian and French
  • Internal data logger 24K for 2000 lines of data
  • RS232 output for data download with free software BM_Terminal
  • Standard delivery: 1 x hand held unit, 2 pairs of clamp-on senors, sensors cable, 2 mounting straps of 30 mt each, 1 battery charger, carrying case

Sensors available:

Clamp-on Sensors – Standard Type for ultrasonic transit time flow meters
Clamp-on Sensors – High Temperature for ultrasonic transit time flow meters

Ultrasonic transit time Flow Meter Hand Held version. Type TTFM100B-HH-NG
Alphanumeric LCD display, backlight, double lines up to 16 digits.
Display of instantaneous and totalized flow and speed of fluid.
Set-Up by Keypad.
Engineering Units: Metric and Imperial.
Housing IP 20.
RS232 output for data dowload.
Software for data management: Hyperterminal or RS232 DataLogger.
Data logger for storing up to 2000 lines of data.
Temperature: -20 … +40 ° C.
Battery powered: 3 x rechargeable batteries NiMH type AA 2100 mAh with a 220 Vac 50/60 Hz charger.
Power Consumption max. 8W.
Battery life: 10 hours for continuous measurement.

Menu available in: Italian, English, French.

Evolved to control application with reliable tests:

  • power signals;
  • quality signals;
  • measuring the transit time and delta Time;
  • display-Reynolds number;
  • sensor positioning;
  • ultrasonic signal wave;
  • fluid sound speed.

Wide measuring range several types of transducer to be selected, measuring pipe size from DN15 mm to DN 6000mm with four different types of sensors.
15 Liquids listed as preset in the selection menu.

Pipe materials n° 10 materials pipes listed in the selection menu: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Alluminim, Absestos, PVC, PP, PEHD, Fiber Glass, Cement etc.

Linear is allowed n° 11 internal liners listed as preset in the selection menu.

Water, Sewage Water, River Water, Sea Water, Acid and Alkali liquid, Alcohol, Oil, Fuel, Beer, all the liquids that can transmit ultrasonic.
Suspended Solids in the liquid: up to 20.000 ppm.


  • 30…+ 90° C Standard;
  • 30..+ 160° C High Temperature.

Working range + / – 30 meters / second.

High accuracy measuring: 

  • linearity: better than 0.5%,
  • repeatability: better than 0.2%,
  • accuracy: better than ±0.5% (for speed > 0.5 mt/sec).

Ultrasonic transit time sensors.
For pipes from DN15 to DN6000.
It is possible to choose 2 pairs of sensors

Sensor upstream, the straight pipe section should be 10 D.

Sensor downstream it should be 5 D.


  • No. 2 pairs of external CLAMP-ON transducers;
  • sensor Technology: Ultrasonic TRANSIT-TIME;
  • working frequency 921 KHz;
  • transducers with 5 mt cable;
  • sensors Protection IP 20;
  • measure bidirectional: + / – 32 m / sec.;
  • working temperature sensor std -20 … +80 ° C;
  • carrying case including: Meter – Sensors – Mounting brackets in Stainless Steel – Silicone gel – Charger – Plug Adaptor – RS232 cable;
  • instruction Manual available in Italian and English.

These flow meters are suitable for flow measurement of clean liquids or homogeneous fluids with max suspensions up to 20000 ppm on metal or plastic full pipes without air bubbles with internal lining which thickness and type are known.

To download the datasheet click on the link below:

pdf TTFM100B_NG (Size 922.28 kB)